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Welcome To The NRCC,
Official AKC Parent Club

Of The

Redbone Coonhound!


   A faithful companion, tenacious hunter, and fearless protector, the Redbone Coonhound is a majestic breed with a devoted following among those lucky enough to own it. Purely a product of American breeding, the Redbone has the rare ability to capture in its essence an unpretentious and amiable nature with a countenance of breathtaking beauty and elegance. The complex individuality of this breed makes it truly unique. Created to be an honest, working man’s dogthat served him well as a hunting companion, the breed’s stunning beauty also makes it appealing to others. Seeing one out with its owner or at a dog show will make any dog enthusiast turn his or her head for a second look.


   The National Redbone Coonhound Club (NRCC) is dedicated to promoting the Redbone Coonhound and educating the public about the breed. The NRCC is theofficial AKC Redbone parent club and, as such, is the only Redbone club or association recognized and sanctioned by the AKC. The NRCC recognizes the multi-faceted nature of Redbones and encourages their involvement in conformation showing, hunting, SAR, field and water sports, lure coursing, and other competition programs and activities. The NRCC is mindful of the fact that many Redbones are owned as companion dogs, and the club encourages the responsible ownership of them for this purpose as well.

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